Benefits is a non-competing network site. The sole purpose of is to promote and drive traffic to sites within the network. Surfers cannot join CrushGirls.

Only YOUR Members Get Access to YOUR Content. Each site is a standalone site. If someone wants access to your content they can only get it by joining YOUR site. Your content isn't being viewed by someone else's members.

This is a massive benefit for motivated models that will be active and interactive. This isn't the ideal set up for all models. Many benefit from being one of many sites within a network.

  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Affiliates
  • We make sure you're getting traffic from the places you appear
  • Designers at Your Service
  • Make Money On and Off the Web



Do everything from one place, update your blog from anywhere. No need for a separate blog software anymore.

Event Calendar

If you're feature dancing or attending a trade show, let your fans know what you're up to and how they can meet you in person.

Get Spoiled

Link your Amazon wish list and in just a few clicks we'll display it to your fans.

Sell Stuff

Sell autographed cards, clothes, toys, DVDs whatever you like directly from your site.